Wrong logic to follow when you choose the credit card PIN

Choosing bank card Personal Identification Number is a very responsible task. There are several reasons why people should responsibly choose the PIN:

  • If the card gets stolen, the thieves will test several PIN options. If a code is easy to guess the thief can withdraw all the money from the plastic.
  • Even if you intentionally do not give the details to third parties, your plastic number as well as CVV code can be hacked by the IT hackers. With such an information it is easy to guess PIN code, so the robbers can easily make internet purchases.

That is why it is extremely important to compose such a PIN that can be hardly guessed by the third parties. Though, in reality, the majority of people make exactly the opposite. They choose the digits that are easy to remember.

What PIN compositions are bad

People around the world make the same mistakes when creating the PIN code numbers. Here are the most common mistakes:

  • People use the date birth for the code. That is the worst PIN possible. The date birth is easy to get. The majority of people put their real birthdays in main social networks. So, for the robbers it won’t be a problem to find such the information.
  • People use the four digits that are the same as the years of their birth. That is another common mistake by the majority of people.
  • It is very unfavorable to choose for the PIN code the years starting from 19. The surveys show PIN starting with 19 are the most widely used.
  • Use consequence of digits. 1234 code is very easy to memorize but it’s equally easy to guess such a PIN. That is why it is not recommended to use these four digits.
  • Use four identical digits for the code. Very often people choose 0000 or 1111. Naturally, such a code is easy to detect.

The people are advised to choose the complicated code combinations. That will guarantee the true security of their bank plastics’ data.

How to choose a good Personal Identification Number for the card

There are many PINs that are considered good ones. In order to create good codes you should follow some rules:

  • Do not start your PIN with zero.
  • Do not use one digit twice in Personal Identification Number.
  • Create the code using randomly chosen digits.
  • Pick up the digits that are not connected anyway with your personal details.

If you follow these rules, you will surely create a good code. By the way, very often when the bank that issues the plastic, sends a client a Personal Identification Number.

PINs developed by banks are often very good. They are not easy to memorize, but they will guarantee you advanced security. Use them to protect your money.