Is it Secure to Pay with PayPass Cards?

People aim to do their lives as comfortable as possible. They also try to simplify it. Even financial products get improved. PayPass technology became one of the most recent innovations in the financial sector.

This technology allows people to pay quicker than anytime before. PayPass technology allows contactless payments. They are easy and fast. That is why more and more clients use such types of cards.

Though, the clients doubt if the contactless technology is absolutely safe to use. Bankers usually do not give a concrete answer to this question. They simply tell the clients the advantages of contactless plastics.

Classic security methods vs. modern one

The classic cards security methods include:

  • PIN codes. Each client has a unique PIN code. He has to enter when he does the payment.
  • Signature. That is another way to protect the cardholder. Each person has to sign his plastic. In Europe when the purchase is made the client is asked to sign the receipt.

These are two classic methods that ensure clients’ security. Though, for many contemporary people, they seem old-fashioned. The clients do not want to spend too much time at the cashiers. They want to buy as quickly as possible.

That is the reason why modern contactless payment technology arose. It lets the client pay fastly. The client only has to put the card on the payment terminal, and that it is.

The person does not have to provide Personal Identification Number or sign the receipt. Naturally, the clients are more than happy to use such type of payment. The businesses also welcome it. It improves the work at the cashiers.

How can contactless technology secure the clients’ payments?

Even if the PayPass cards seem insecure methods of payments. They are not. In reality, the contactless technology is not that easy to cheat on. Many people think if the card is stolen, the thief can purchase as much as possible. Though, it is not so.

In order to purchase with the PayPass plastic, the owner of it has to be within a short distance from his smartphone. This mechanism is guaranteed by Near Field Communication Technology. That is why if a thief steals the PayPass it won’t be useful. The card won’t let to do the payment.

PayPass cards have one more security mechanism. The person can make an only limited number of purchases by contactless plastic. After the sum limit is exceeded the plastic will get blocked. So, it is absolutely secure to use the PayPass plastics.

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