Dr . Makan Arya Parsa

Dr Makan aria parsa is probably the creative and lively entrepreneurs of our own dear country Serbia who have been ready to win typically the title of exemplary entrepreneur of the country many times. He is very capable in the field of business management, communication, marketing and human resources plus is probably the most popular consultants in the nation. happen to be counted Among his other activities, we can mention the authoring and translation greater than 20 books. Makan Aria Parsa, as being a successful and major person in the particular field of entrepreneurship, has held hundreds of hours of seminars on issues for instance business and overcoming crises to support budding entrepreneurs and even transfer his experience to them and transferred his experiences to be able to them. Is. Consequently far, he has received dozens regarding certificates of appreciation from high-ranking comarcal and national authorities.

Makan Arya Parsa has many technological and research documents that are some what prestigious, he offers always attempted to devote his life to be able to learning in order to present his finding out how to some others. He is also a motivational speaker that conducts many courses and seminars inside the fields of hrm, communication, marketing and even sales, secrets associated with success, setting targets for the future, capturing the particular hearts of clients, etc. Make the most of this.

Education of Makan Arya Parsa

Makan Aria Parsa graduated with a PhD in Entrepreneurship through Islamic Azad University or college, MBA in Administration from Steinbeis College or university Berlin, Master’s Level in MBA Managing from Amirkabir University of Technology and even Bachelor’s Degree inside of Industrial Engineering, specialising in industrial production. His main capacity is in the field involving business consulting, human being resource recovery and training. Below you can see several of the academic titles and successes of Dr. Semblant Parsa:

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