The best ways of towing a vehicle you can choose from

If you’re not aware of what towing is. It’s basically when you use a tow truck to move a vehicle off-road or take it to a certain destination. This process seems easy but, trust when you try to do it, it might even seem impossible. It’s a difficult process as you have to be careful of the owner’s car so that you don’t damage it and if you damage it, you might even have to pay for its damages.

Heavy-duty towing, also known as commercial towing, is probably the hardest of all as big tow trucks are used to tow heavy vehicles like vans, caravans, etc. Commercial towing can take a lot of practice to get good at because expensive and heavy machinery is used in this process and a beginner can not use them.

There are also some different ways of towing a vehicle, you can choose any of these according to your budget:

Tow bar towing

This method can be used by any car, even the car you drive. This method costs no money as you can do it yourself too. However, you will need some tools for it which you can but for future towing scenarios. You will be aligning the rigs of your car to the towing vehicle so that it lines up with it. This method is probably the cheapest and simplest of all but, I’d suggest you call a towing company for this rather than doing it yourself


This method requires specialist cars with a flat metal bed on them for the towed vehicle. This is probably the safest but can cost you a lot. But, this way your car will be at no risk of getting damaged so it’s a win-win situation I guess. Your vehicle will be safe parked on the back of the tow truck.

Two-wheel dolly

This is the most used method as all the companies use it, even towing San Jose uses this method. This is when the tow truck is used to hitch the towing vehicle which pulls the two wheels off the ground but the back of your car is vulnerable to any damage but mostly, nothing happens.

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