WhatsApp Business API: What exactly does it mean?

WhatsApp is the simplest and most convenient channel for your customers to get in touch with your brand as this messaging platform is likely to be a part of their daily habit. WhatsApp Business API has especially been designed to allow medium and large businesses to get in touch with their customers across the world. There are many Whatsapp business API solution providers available today which makes it easy for any business to access this API and leverage it to boost their business communication.

WhatsApp Business API is not an out-of-the-box solution and it does not come with its own front-end interface. Your business has to integrate the WhatsApp API’s endpoint to your customer communication software, and subsequently be in a position to receive and answer unlimited WhatsApp messages from the customers. While Whatsapp API integration does involve a fee, it does go a long way in making customer service and marketing processes simpler for your company.  This API allows for multiple logins and support dashboard, which makes it ideal for companies having multiple branches. Whatsapp bot service is another key feature of this API, through which you can automate a variety of customer service functions of your business.

As you sign up for WhatsApp Business, your account will be listed as a business account automatically. Unlike the typical personal accounts, this will come with a business profile for branding. Even if your customers do not have your company saved as a contact, they will be able to see your company name and logo at the top of the conversation after starting a chat with your brand on WhatsApp.

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